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Kimberly Enoch, MPH, MCHES

Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large.

Our Story 

The combination of my strong, personal upbringing, characteristic background, education and self-assertive work ethic gives me confidence that I have the means to contribute to you and your organization's growth and continued success.  I would like the opportunity to show you how you can put my successful experiences and hard earned education to work for you and your organization.

My foundation as a grant and technical writer provides me with the abilities and skills to develop, integrate, and convey material in a succinct and effective manner.  My background has afforded an opportunity to utilize my expertise in submitting successful grant proposals, preparing technical progress reports on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, and submitting manuscripts validating and supported by research.  Furthermore, I understand grant management dynamics including the necessity and importance for leveraging funds that sustain operational and programmatic budgets, developing substantial work-plans, expenditure reports, and submitting progress reports monitoring and ensuring grant compliance.


As a previous grants' manager, responsibilities include administration of grants during the grant cycle (Pre-Award, Award, and Post-Award).   This experience has crafted competence in writing request for applications, memorandum of understanding/agreement and contracts, creating performance indicators and evaluation plans, and conducting training workshops on the grant cycle and regulations for grant compliance.  

My public health education has equipped me with the aptitude needed to not only do my job, but to establish, build and maintain meaningful relationships.  If the situation requires extensive problem solving and close attention to detail, I deliver high quality, accurate, and timely resolutions.  I have every confidence that to the extent that you require sophisticated technical expertise coupled with professionalism; I will provide you with the best. 


My strengths are that I am passionate about advocating for equity for all individuals, especially among underserved and disparate populations.  My goal is to develop and sustain community-academic partnerships, leading institutional and community change efforts and advocating for policy change; most importantly affecting social justice for academia and communities. 

Learn from Subject Matter Experts

Whether you're an ambitious entrepreneur, a forward-thinking organization, or an individual aiming for transformation, our expertise and passion are your stepping stones.

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